A CEO apologizes to a whole country

Following the concept “faça do seu jeito” or in english “do it in your own way”, Dentsu created a trilogy that mixed the creation of the first ramen cook robot, and a apology from Nissin Foods of Brasil own CEO. The sequence of the following three movies will surprise you and show you that the perfect ramen is the ramen that you do on your own way.

  • Humans X Robot: who cooks better?
    Imagine create a robot to answer a simple question: how is the right way to cook the ramen? That´s what we did. In the film, a robot and some consumers participated in a unusual challenge: which one had the mission to cook ramen on his own way. Check out this duel results.
  • Nissin admits: we don´t know how to cook the perfect ramen.
    For the first time in the brand history, the Nissin Foods of Brasil president did a announcement asking for a sincere apology to brazilians for didn´t know how to cook the perfect ramen.
  • Nissin president apologies
    To reinforce the apology request, Nissin president created a special pack with five ramens and a free one, adding the letter T and A at the end of "Lamen", which is the brazilian word for ramen, and made a pun with the brazilian word "lamenta" which is "sorry" in portuguese. The pack was signed one by one by Takashi himself.