Toyota Hilux Limited Edition

To launch a limited edition, the sky’s the limit. The campaign for the Hilux Limited Edition highlighted the pickup’s performance, strength and durability with the concept “Only those who have a Hilux, know what it’s like to have a Hilux”.
With aerial scenes shot by a helicopter and 5 cameras, the film shows the Hilux in a fierce pursuit of an eagle, amidst the toughest obstacles. The reason for this dispute: the eagle soiled the car’s hood.
The megaproduction highlights the feeling of pride that a Hilux owner has. This strong relationship between the consumer and the Toyota pickup is shown with irony through scenes that take the Hilux to its limit, making it clear that the car is ready to face any extreme situation, however absurd it may seem.
On the web, the campaign is available in an extended version, so that the surfer can see new scenes and interact with the video, commanding details and close-ups with different angles of the pickup’s features.